Parties and Progress

Today was a good but busy day.  David took the day off (a holiday that he didn’t take off last month) and we enjoyed it together as a family.  First B4 had her six month check-up with vaccinations, yeah yuck, but she is growing beautifully and perfectly.  Next up we had a homeschool Valentines party.


A great time was had by all, the boys especially liked the tons of sweet stuff they ate.

Meanwhile at home progress was being made.  This was a couple of days ago.buliding1

This was yesterday.


And here is today.


Yep, that’s the first wall all ready to go up tomorrow.

Tomorrow we have plans to clean the house and get things ready for B1’s birthday party (I use this word loosely, our parties consist of cake and ice cream with immediate family) on Saturday.  Then tomorrow night is our Valentines Day supper at church which we’re all excited about.  That pretty much sums up the last few days here, parties and progress.  Now I’m going to rest, B4’s been keeping me up at night and I’m tired.

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