Genesis 4-7

Pretty full reading today with Cain and Able, Noah and everyone in between.  The other night after devotions B1 asked me to name everyone from Adam to Noah.  After I thought about it I realized there weren’t really that many generations between the two.  To put it into context we go from perfect man Adam, until sin entered in, to Noah’s time where his family were the only just ones on the face of the earth.  First let’s go back to Cain and Able.

We are unsure of why the Lord had no respect to Cain’s offering.  I have a few thoughts of why the offering was rejected.

  • It could have been that Cain’s heart was not right toward the sacrifice.
  • The sacrifice from Able was one of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof.  Cain’s was of the fruit of the ground.
  • Could it have been the wrong type of sacrifice?

Cain let his sin overtake him and control him and led to the murder of his brother.  Just like his father Cain fled to get away from the Lord.  The Lord turned Cain away into Nod and out of His presence forever.

Then we read about Noah.  The account of the flood brings up a very good topic of teaching Bible lessons.  A lot of people only read the New Testament and feel that the Old Testament is just a book of stories for kids.  I give to you that the Bible is a whole work given to us by God.  All 66 books work together and cannot be added to or taken away from.  It is true that all of us at one time or another heard the account of Noah when we were smaller.  A nice little story of Noah building an ark, animals entering in by twos, etc.  B1 and B2 almost turn people off when they say they are going to talk about Noah now.  They have heard the account and they think they know it all.  If we truly looked at the account of Noah it wouldn’t be so happy and kid friendly.

The Lord looked upon His creation and was grieved by the evil that was held in the hears of men.  He will destroy all man on earth and beast and Noah was the only one that found grace in the eyes of the Lord.  We see Noah get exact instructions on how to build the ark.  I’m sure at this time everyone scoffed and laughed at Noah for building this huge ark.  When Noah explained what he was doing I’m sure it only gave them ammunition to what they had already thought.  It had never even rained.  I can imagine when water started falling from the sky how everyone was amazed.  That amazement turned to worry, then worry turned to horror.  People no doubt beating on the ark to get in after it had been sealed shut.  And the screams…..

Not so kid friendly, but an excellent teaching point of how the earth had become so wicked.  As before we could spend all week on this passage.  I guess this is how it will be for some days of reading and others may be a little less on posting.  As we think of everyone coming from Adam, which is true, we should also think of us all coming from Noah.

B1 also confided with me that he wanted to be famous like the people in the Bible.  I took the time to explain to him that they were people just like us.  They didn’t know that we would be reading about their lives down through history.  That a lot of them faced the exact things that we go through today.  We need to take the time and learn from their experiences and their lives.

Look forward to the reading for tomorrow.  Genesis 8-11

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