Mind Dump Monday Feb

I haven’t gotten to do a mind dump Monday in a while.  First off I wanted to urge you to go over and read the posts on the Bible Challenge page.  We are on day 2 and it’s not to late to join in.

Here is an update on the construction.  This picture is from Friday afternoon.


I’m not sure if it has been explained in the past.  We are adding on a sunroom, bedroom with walk in closet and a bathroom.  We are also replacing the roof with a metal one.  They are getting pretty close and it is exciting seeing the progress.

Lowe’s Foods has had a sale on Starbucks Frappachinos for the past two weeks.  Those things are expensive and I think I am hooked.  I did make the mistake of drinking one at 9:00 at night.  I thought I would be fine.  I was still telling myself that at 2:00am the next morning.  I did get some good thinking time in though.  In fact, I think that is the night the Bible Challenge came up 🙂  Maybe I need another one tonight….

I find it funny how our blog comes up in conversations at work.  I’m still not sure how I feel about that yet.  I posted one of our articles in a group on Facebook last week that saw some pretty great traffic.  It was the post on abortion and I am thankful that people read it.  I was looking at the stats and was amazed that people from Canada, Brazil, UK, Italy and 41 states visited the blog and read the article.  This opens my mind and excites me of the possibilities that the Internet holds for sharing the truth!

We had a pretty great night tonight that consisted of eating a great meal, break dancing, Wii boxing, searching on the Internet for cowboy action figures, showers and of course devotionals and our Bible challenge reading 🙂

Casey and I have been thinking about writing all of the things that get said in this household throughout the week and sharing them.  I will leave that to her to blog, but I will tell you they are hilarious!

A man named Raymond, that I met at the Rescue Mission a couple of weeks ago has really been on my heart lately.  I will post more on him later.  Please pray.

I added a Facebook connect button on the right hand side the other day.  Not sure if I like the interaction it provides, but it is there.  You can also use your facebook account to login and comment.  You can also share articles through Facebook.  I’m still contemplating keeping it or getting rid of it.  If you haven’t already add Casey and I as friends on Facebook www.facebook.com/casey.morton and www.facebook.com/davidnmorton

We have had some pretty great missionary families come through our church lately visiting and on deputation.  Keep all our missionaries in your prayers.  We have no idea what they go through!

I hope everyone had a great Valentine’s Day!

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