Genesis 8-11

Genesis Chapter 8 starts with the ending of the rain from the Heavens and the drying of the earth. God had wiped every living creature from the earth that had not entered into the ark with Noah. Noah was in a a time of true dependence on God. God had told him what he needed to do and when he needed to do it by, but He had not told Noah when the rains would stop and the earth would dry up.

We see that Noah releases a raven from the ark to test the dryness of the earth, but we don’t see where it ever returns. Likewise the dove is released and returns when it cannot find a dry place. I’m sure we could read a lot into this. When I think of a raven I think of a black as night bird that lurks around. When I think dove I get images of a pure white fluttering bird. The raven was lost in the world once it was released from the safe haven of the ark. The dove continued to return to the safeness of the ark.

Noah leaves the ark and God gives him great instruction. God warns Noah against the taking of a humans life because they were made in His image. “Go forth and multiply”  We go through the generations of the sons of Noah and everyone was of one language.

It didn’t take long and the people came together to try and build a tower to Heaven.  Noah was still alive and no doubt the preaching of the destruction was still present. We see this today, people trying to work their way to Heaven.  We see God’s response in scattering the people and giving them all a different language.  The city was Babel and the leader was Nimrod.  We can see where we get the term nimrod and babel from.

Lastly, we are introduced to Abraham.

Tomorrow’s reading is Job 1-5

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  1. I’m keeping up so far. Sometimes I find myself reading the Bible as a novel. I have to make myself slow down and meditate on the words.

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