Job 6-9

We see Job continuing to desire death to end his miseries.  We get a glimpse of what the hand and grace of God protects us from.  The misery and torture that Satan could truly put us through would be almost unbearable.  Unbearable for us, but not coming anywhere close to what Christ suffered for us.

Job goes on to tell his friends how he was disappointed in them.  He had placed great faith in them when times were good only to find them question him when times were bad.  In this we see that when times are good we should seek the approval and will of God not of man.  When times are bad we know that God will stand with us, or carry us in some cases, and where are our friends?

All Job wanted from his friends was a kind word and to be present with him.  So many times in our lives that is all we need is for someone to come by and give us a little time and a kind word.  Instead, just like it is in most of our cases, the “friends” came by and gave more than a kind word.

One of the commentaries that I have read in the past put it perfectly. “We seek little from man and we receive less.  We seek much from God and we receive more”  Perfectly put!

Job stood strong with his friends and didn’t admit to any wrongdoing and insisted on his righteousness.  Bildad essentially tells him hypocrites will be destroyed.  Job acknowledges God’s justice and holy judgment.  He could not argue with God.

The Lord is a holy and righteous judge.  He does not judge on outward appearance or actions, but what is on the inside.  Job did not know what was going on between Satan and God, he only knew of his present situation.  He didn’t know that God was using him to prove his faithfulness before the biggest doubter, Satan.  Satan wasn’t the only one watching Job and his response.  And the same is true with us today.  The world is watching our reactions to the trials and troubles we face.  Not only the world, the Lord and Satan.

So, today.  Make the Lord smile and the Devil grimace at your response to today’s trials!

Tomorrow’s reading: Job 10-13

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