Job 10-13

Job is still inquiring on why this affliction has been place on him.  He knows that God does not look on men as other men do so he continues to look upon himself to find sin.  Job didn’t deny that as a sinner he deserved punishment, but wondered why this was placed on him.

Then Zophar, Job’s friend, slams Job pretty hard saying he loves to hear himself talk.  Zophar urges Job to repent and the blessings of the Lord will be bestowed on him again.  Job tells them that they are all of the same knowledge and they are not telling him anything new.  He tells them that even the wicked prosper, but God knows this.  God has better blessings for those who trust him and remain righteous.

Job reiterates the sovereignty and righteousness of God.  He can use anything to accomplish His will.  Job finally has had enough and tells his friends he no longer needs their teachings and corrections.  Job tells them that he trusted in God for salvation and justification then he will trust in Him during this current situation.  We need to continually go back to the God of salvation and know that He will be with us no matter what.

Job seeks to find his sin out.  He truly wants to know his sin so that he can repent of it.  This would do us good.  Most of the time we know the sin we keep in our lives that we don’t want to give up for whatever reason.  Job honestly and humbly came before the Lord seeking for his sin to be shown to him.  This humility and honesty would do all of us good, young and old Christian, when approaching the Lord to show us our sin.

Tomorrow’s Reading Job 14-16

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