The journey is the destination

A few years ago we had a planning retreat at Timberlake Farm in Whitset.  The farm is a beautiful nature retreat that has an excellent meeting center that looks like an upscale tree house.  During our lunch break I took the opportunity to take a walk along one of the many nature trails.  It was early summer and it was an extremely hot day, but the covering of the thick trees made it bearable.  I chose a 2 mile trail that paralleled the lake mainly because no one else did.  As I walked I paid careful attention to my surroundings and the unmistakable sounds of nature following me.

I reached the end of the trail and there was nothing spectacular.  The trail just ended, stopped not at the lake but into a walled forest.  I turned around and headed back to the retreat center.  On the way back this thought stayed with me, the journey is the destination.  Enjoy the walk while you can because the trail will have turns and hills that you will not enjoy.

I also equate this with the walk in my Christian life.  Firstly, I KNOW my destination is Heaven!  Not because of what I have done, but what Christ has already done for me and my acceptance of this.  On this side of eternity I will never reach a permanent destination.  Strike that….  None of us should reach a permanent destination in our Christian life.  We should never get to a point where we sit down, kick back and relax because we have reached our destination.  I find joy in the journey!  To find joy in the journey we must be continually growing.  Growing in our understanding of the Bible, growing in our relationships with God and our families.

Wherever you are in your life or spiritual journey find joy in it.  Rejoice in the fact that you are still on the journey and not reached your final destination.  For if you are still on the journey God has a plan and a purpose for you and your life.

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