Construction Update

I thought it was time for an update on the house.  Here’s the house as of today, nice right, especially against that Carolina blue sky.

We are well on our way to having our new rooms.  Up next, from what I understand, is the new roof, roughing in plumbing (no idea what that means), siding, a couple more windows, all the while praying for some good news back from the heating and air man.

This was our job today.

One perk of living in the city is that the city picks up most of your construction trash.  The downside, you have to sort it into piles for them.  Plastic, metal, wood, etc.  We all worked together and made pretty good time on this pile.  I didn’t mind too much, it was a beautiful day to be outside.  I considered lying down and making grass angels, instead I just stayed out as much as I could this afternoon.  I’m pretty sure my body has built in solar panels, hopefully I successfully recharged.

Here’s one more look from the inside.

More updates to come next week.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and don’t forget to read your Bible for the Bible Reading Challenge. 🙂

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