Job 14-16

Job goes all the way back to original sin and asks God to deal with him in His mercy.  He speaks of the depravity of men and how all men are born to die at an appointed time.  Job focuses on the corrupt life of men then turns to the death of all.

The original sin of Adam and Eve leave all men open to the corruptible flesh and sin.  Then we see Eliphaz start in on Job again not phased by Job’s responses.  After his rant I think that Job has had enough. ..”miserable comforters are ye all.”  What a great way to sum it up.

Job still maintained his innocence.  He didn’t give it all up and curse God.  He still humbled himself before God and didn’t forget the proper order of things.  Job knew God chastised us for sin, but he knew he was clean.  He had a harder time convincing his “friends” of this.  Job turned it around to his friends and told them what he would do if they were in his situation.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 17-20 Enjoy Church Tomorrow or Today, depending on when you read this!

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