David and Goliath

B2 has been fighting a cold off and on the past couple of days.  B3 woke up this morning with a sore throat.  B3, well let’s just say his nose was running like a faucet that you couldn’t turn off this morning.  We made the decision to stay at home from church this morning to protect the free world.  We had a church service at home this morning while B4 was napping.  The boys brought their Bibles down and we study Job, since that is where we are in our Bible Challenge.  The boys said they had never learned about Job so it was a great opportunity to share Job’s life with them.  We had a great lesson and it seemed like they got a lot out of it.

Casey finished up the lesson with some Bible Pictionary.  The topics drawn include; Mary washing Jesus’ feet, Jonah, Peter James and John in the sailboat, The last supper.  The boys wanted to do something for the night time service so they shared with us an account from the Bible.  I can’t even describe it.  I hope you can watch the video below.  Turn the sound way up so you can hear.  Sorry for B4 on the background vocals:

Click here to watch the movie!

Help me out here.  In the Bible does it say a little man jumps on Goliath when David knocks him down?  I didn’t think so….

I do think we should play Bible Pictionary in Bible College.  I think I’ll suggest that next semester.  Hopefully the noses are drying up and everyone is getting well!

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