Job 17 – 20

Job looks back at the harsh criticism and reproach from his friends.  He sees himself and likens himself to a dying man.  We should not focus on the temporary but the eternal things.  We should not seek to build up treasures on earth because we can’t take them with us.  Job was looking to his eternal home and not his current situation.  Our bodies are our houses for a short time.  When we lay these bodies down we will be given a perfect one in Heaven.

Job continues to take the verbal sparring from his visitors.  They stress the short prospering of the wicked.  These conversations between Job and his friends probable seemed like that took forever.  Have you ever been in a conversation that continued to go in circles?  No matter how Job expressed that he didn’t know whey these things had happened to him his friends insisted it was due to sin.  No matter how Job explained to them they continued to push him.  I already respected Job, but after reading these accounts I respect him that much more.  After being pushed into a position of losing almost everything he endures these interrogations from his friends.  Most of us would have either given up during these conversations or forced them out.

Tomorrows Reading – Job 21-23

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