Mind Dump Monday

– So I mentioned a few months ago how David does this great Aaron Neville impersonation well comes to find out that a good friend of ours does too, who knew, wow how I would love to hear a duet!

– Watched the movie Earth today with the kids since it was yucky and rainy.  It was like watching The March of the Penguins all over again, pretty depressing.

– Then I was reminded of this which I saw a couple of weeks ago.  Yes, it is real, people that care for your pets after the rapture.  Really, I’m speechless.

– The boys wanted to enter the writing contest through PBS kids.  We’re in the process of writing stories, doing illustrations, and doing cover art.  It’s pretty time consuming especially doing two at a time.  Hopefully we can share them with you when we’re finished.

– We started the book A Little Princess in school last week.  Here’s the cover, in which the boys were not impressed.  But in an attempt to teach the whole don’t judge a book by it’s cover thing and since it has a good story I decided we should try to get through it. But they’ve been a little disinterested and I’ve been…, well falling asleep trying the read it.  But, today I found this yes free online audio books, yay, hopefully this will help.

– Noses are still drippy here and B4 has it now.  B3 noticed her running nose tonight and offered up his sleeve, now that’s love.

– David and I had a chance to get out Friday night for a late evening (we didn’t leave until after everyone was bathed and ready for bed) date.  It was really nice we went to Starbucks and grabbed some dessert and coffee and a nice private table.  The conversation was delightful and I’m so thankful for these times we’re able to have with each other (thanks grandparents).

– B4 officially has her first tooth!  But she’s way more excited about the fact that she can scoot around!

Well that’s it for tonight.  It was a REALLY LONG Monday and I’m ready to rest.  Have a great Tuesday!

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