Dads don't babysit

OK, who is ready for snow again?  The last I heard is we are expecting 1-2″ tomorrow.  I guess we will see.

Casey and her mom went out to eat tonight and pick up a hair dryer to replace the one that almost caught the bathroom on fire, just a small exaggeration.  I told her to go and have a great time.  She needed the break!  I can think back a few years ago when the task of staying at home with A kid would have been a big deal.  Today, 3-4-5-6 kids, no big deal.  The ultimate definition of multi-tasking.  Spoon food in the mouth, wipe that mouth, turn off the tv, quit yelling at your brother, go to the potty.

The only thing that bothers me is when we go out.  I get all the comments of, “Oh, your babysitting, how sweet.”  I want to stop and say, “No, these are my kids.  It is called parenting not babysitting!”  But I don’t.  I smile and nod my head.  Yes, I change diapers.  No matter how nasty.  I’m not saying I don’t need help sometimes. haha.  I remember one time we were at lunch and B3 had a blow out.  I opted to trash the outfit and put a blanket on him, luckily Casey came out and helped.  That was funny!  Now I’m not bragging on myself, because I think this should be the norm.  And I am no where near a perfect parent, believe me.

But guys, we are not our kid’s babysitters!  We are their parents!  God has given us a huge responsibility and blessing with kids.  I know this may not seem manly to past generations but who cares.  I think it is very manly for a man to take care of his kids.  Maybe I’ll get a carrier for B1 and B2.  One in the front and one in the back.  That would be a great workout too.  Sometimes I feel like they need it.

Take the time with your kids when you can because they will only be this age once.  Little B4 is scooting around now.  It seemed like just yesterday we were in the hospital with her.  I still remember the times that I got to go out with just my dad.  They were special times.  I still look forward to them today.  Whether we were going golfing, some game or thrift store shopping (you have to know my dad 🙂  Our kids will remember these times.  Don’t look at it as babysitting or a job but as a blessing!

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