Job 24-28

When find Job still witnessing to his friends in these chapters.  What he is telling them is still true today though.  We see people defy God, live in sin and still prosper.  Everyone will look upon them on this earth as being prosperous and great in the eyes of men.  When their time on earth is done they will be looked at as fools.

The wicked hate the light and the saved should hate the dark.  Those saved and living in sin are fearful and shame is brought upon them.  Those that are wicked and lost fear the eyes of the world and their judgment, but could care less by the ultimate judge.

Bildad reminds Job of man’s unrighteousness and disparity.  How far we are away from the perfectness of God.  We are to strive to be Christ like but we will never be perfect.  As Gavyn always reminds me, “Daddy, I Can’t be perfect!”  I tell him I know that he can’t be perfect but he must listen and be honoring.  I think our relationship with God is sometimes like how our relationship with our kids.  The boys get in trouble because they do not listen.  We get in trouble when we don’t listen to God.  No matter what the circumstances were.  The boys say it was too loud.  What is interfering with our communicating with God.

Job acknowledges the power of God and the proof all around us that He is great and all powerful.  Job says that death to a righteous man is like a light storm carrying you away to heaven.  Death to a wicked man is like a violent storm carrying you to destruction.

Job’s family and health may have been taken away but his wisdom and faith remained.  God gives us our wisdom and it should be considered as a gift.  You cannot place a monetary value on wisdom.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 29-31

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