Job 29-31

Job continues to contrast his past prosperity and his present misery.  A man may live in a shack, but if the Lord dwells with him then it is a castle.  If we find ourselves in a condition similar to Job’s only we can determine the cause by prayer and studying the word.  We read the different classes of people who paid their respects to Job.  This gave Job a platform to praise God whether he wanted it or not.  They wanted to see how Job reacted his response to his current situation.  Just like today your co-workers, your friends/family and the world is watching you to see your reaction to situations.

Job was ready to die in honor and grace.  Then we see Job continue in a downward spiral of complaining.  Then we see Job coming out of this spiral with another self examination.  He continues to search his life and go back to his faith and righteousness not out of pride but honest examination.  Whether we are in Job’s position or not we all need this self examination.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 32-34

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