Job 32-34

We see that not only Job and his three friends were around to hear the conversations that were taking place.  Elihu grew upset with the turn that the talks had taken both by Job and his friends.  Job because in his eyes he though that Job wasn’t giving the proper glory to God and his friends because of the tone they had taken toward him.  He didn’t speak up because he was respecting his elders.

Elihu spoke up through the power of the Holy Spirit and stressed that just because one his older it doesn’t necessarily make them wiser.  If the Holy Spirit presses upon us to speak we must speak up.  That is only part of it though.  We must speak at the right time.  God is a God of order and has a time and place for everything.  If Elihu would have interrupted Job’s friends at the beginning and said his peace then it probably wouldn’t have been taken as well.

Job stressed that God brings judgment and complains of his current situation.  Elihu reminds Job that God sends us trials and tribulations to help us grow.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Job 35-37

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