Free For The Taking

Our new home is on one of the, used to not be busy but has become busy as the years have passed, kind of roads.  If you live on a busy road you can probably relate to this story.  I truly understand the phrase one mans trash is another mans treasure, I understand this because we can put pretty much anything at the road as trash and within hours it will be picked up by a treasure seeking person.  Here’s a short list of things that we have just recently had picked up.  An ab cruncher, broken desk chair, pieces of wood riddled with nails, pieces of scrap metal, old carseat, half broken stroller and the list goes on.

What is often even more humerous than what people choose to pick up is how people choose to take the stuff away. We have often seen people shove very large things into very small cars and we’ve seen people make multiple trips to pick up lots of treasure all in one day.  Last week David  met a spry fellow on a bike that loaded up peices of wood in a wire basket “trailer” on the back of his bike.

But today, oh yes, today took the cake.  An older gentleman, on a moped type thingy with a small dog in a basket on the back of his ride, was kind enough to ask if he could take two large rectangular mirrors.  “Sure, have at it” was the answer and off he was to load up the mirrors on his moped.  I wasn’t too concerned knowing that there was no way that the two mirrors could possibly be transported by moped, of course I figured he would come back in proper transportation to take away the mirrors.  Boy was I wrong!  First let me say that I desperatly wanted to photograph this but I was in pure shock and awe as I watched and couldn’t possibly take my eyes away to grab the camera.  The resourceful gentleman proceeded to place the two mirrors between his seat and his handlebars so that he could not possibly see around them to, um you know, DRIVE.  But drive he did, at least out of the driveway, for I can’t say how far he got after leaving the driveway.  I pray that he arrived at his destination safetly and I pray that no one was blinded by the mirrors with wheels as they drove past him along the way.

If you are a “treasure” type person please feel free to take anything that you see on the side of the road at our house.  No need to ask.  But, please for the love of all that is holy do not bring your moped, and if you do just know, I will grab my camera next time.  🙂

No, B1 is not looking at moped man his is looking at his grandpa dressed as a cowboy.  He’s a little excited.  Can you tell?

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