Job 35-37

Elihu corrects Job for putting himself on a plain with God.  He stresses how far away the heavens are and how far God is above that.  We are so far removed from the righteousness of God.  We are grateful for the grace that He extends to us and we don’t get what we deserve.  Job feels like most of us do at times.  He is in a valley that seems like never turns to go up the side of the mountain.  Elihu was sent to turn Job’s impatience to humility.  There will come a day at judgment when all that seemed wrong will be shown to us as right.

Elihu kept the line that God was sending him this affliction as a trial.  He continues to stress that God is a righteous judge that is perfect.  Elihu turns the tables on Job and tells him it is his fault that he is still in the position he is in.  He tells Job that he doesn’t have to look any further than the weather to see God’s omnipotence.  There are some great verses in Chapter 37.

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