Busy Day

Ah, the weekend time to relax!  We have all heard, “I’m working for the weekend!”  This weekend however was busier than the week.  We knew the plumbing had to be roughed in this weekend.  We also had to run and pick up some sticks and limbs in Nannie’s yard.  Oh yeah, a reading for the local women’s club where grandma was reading her knew short story based on a true story.

The plumbing needed to start around 8 so we were up pretty early ready to go.  B1, B2, B3 and I loaded into the Durango to head over to pick up some sticks and limbs.  Nannie had been tripping over some in the back yard when taking food out.  Luckily she had a small wheelbarrow there and we made about 5 trips to the woods.  We headed back into town to stop and get some gas.  Are we in a gas shortage or are the gas stations just not buying gas due to the high prices?  I stopped a couple of places and no one had gas.  I finally found a place and spent way too much on gas.

We returned home to dig out a septic line and secure a post with some sacrete.  We had an impromptu homeschool lesson on plumbing consisting of how many water lines run to a toilet, why only 1 and is it a cold or hot line and why?  B1 was interested in every single thing going on.  It was fun seeing his enthusiasm.  Great grandpa would have had a great apprentice in the plumbing business.  A plumber that rides in on a horse….

Lay B3 down for a nap while B1, B2 and myself head over to listen to grandma’s new short story.  We had to sit through other readings before we got to Grandmas.  Some were good, some weren’t.  Grandma read her short story, Grumpy Grannie Goes Camping.  It was by far the best and it was dedicated to us.  One guy read an editorial he had gotten published in the local paper.  When we returned home Casey asked how it went.  B1’s response was, “Some guy read something from the paper.”  Hilarious!

The boys are working on their own books for a PBS contest.  We had to finish up B1’s book today to send in.  Hopefully, we can share them when we get them back.

Who knows what a weekend will hold in this family?  Pick up sticks, plumbing, listening to a poetry reading and finishing books.  Stay tuned to next weekend!

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