A Rabbit

My intentions tonight were to share something really deep, a thought provoking kinda post.  Instead I ran a rabbit, which is actually a change for me.  Normally I get annoyingly consumed in something when I get started with it.  Which as I’m typing this brings something concerning one of our B’s into focus for me.  Hum..  Anyway, today I haven’t my normal focus,  perhaps my husband is rubbing off on me a bit.  Love you honey!  So tonight I will simply share my rabbit.

B4 looked so cute in her pink dress yesterday I just couldn’t help but stop to take a few photos of her.

My normally camera happy girl was just too interested in her stuffed toy to pay me much attention.

She loves sucking on the antenna on this particular toy.

I think she was concerned that I was going to take it away.

When she realized that I wasn’t going there to steal her coveted antenna she was much happier.

She was flipping and scooting all around, she was not a bit worried about her belly showing, so neither was I.

If you’re going to run a rabbit, it might as well be a cute pink one!

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