Job 40-42

If we are still and truly breakthrough in prayer God will humble us.  God will show us of our sin and we will gladly give it up.  Job saw that he would not understand the ways or judgment of God.  His friends could not convince him, but hearing it straight from the Lord brought him into sorrow.  Some people that we know would have to hear something straight from God to get right with God.  No matter how much we tell them in love it makes no difference.

Job humbles himself before God, repents and stops making excuses for his actions.  After the Lord did His work and Job had humbled himself before God and repented we see Job accepted back into perfect fellowship with the Lord.  Then the focus turns to Job’s friends and their view on prosperity and not God.  They focused on the current and told Job his current situation was the wrath of God on his life.  Job continually pointed to the future judgment and the righteousness of God.  Job offered up sacrifices for his friends and persecutors.

When we started the Book of Job we saw his patience as an example.  The old saying goes, “She has the patience of Job”.  In the end we see the prosperity of Job with God doubling everything that he had previously.  Job was long suffering and endured the trials that he was in the middle of.  We see that Job did not blame God but he did honestly question God.  Job did search his life to see where he had gone wrong.  He prayed that God show him where he had wronged.

So many times we see ourselves in the middle of a trial and questioning God.  What are we questioning God for, though?  Why God, Why me, why know?  When we find ourselves thinking these questions we should look at the response that Job received.  Is God not perfect enough to know what is going on and have a handle on it?  Things will happen in our lives that we will not be able to explain or comprehend.  One day we will know though!  Trials in our life are specifically made for us.  My trials are not your trials.  They are meant for me to help me grow.  Look at our trials this way and focus on the end not the current.

“I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by glory”

Back in Genesis tomorrow – Genesis 12-15

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