Consume me like a fire

Hebrew 12:29 – “For our God is a consuming fire.”

Yes, I am the son of a fireman.  I know like every good son of a fireman that there are three things that a fire needs; heat, oxygen and fuel or known to some as the fire triangle.  I’m sure we have all watched with great wonder a camp fire consume a piece of paper or whatever we have thrown into it.  It takes no time at all for the flame to fully engulf the paper.

My prayer tonight is that God will consume me like the fire engulfs the paper.  I pray that he will burn within me from inside out.  His desire is for all of us to be open to be like the paper. Just like a fire needs three things to continue to burn we need three things to be consumed by His fire.

The Bible (Oxygen) – His Word, the breath of life.  Just as oxygen is vital for all of mankind to live the Bible is crucial for every Christian to live and grow.  If you want to stop a small fire cut off the source of oxygen.  If you want to stop or stunt the growth of a Christian take the Word away from them.  Surely if we stay away from the Bible the fire will soon flicker out.

Prayer (Heat) – Fire is HOT!  You have to have heat to start any fire.  We have all heard the term “in feverent prayer”.  Let’s look at the definition of feverent.  Having or showing great emotion or zeal; 2. Extremely hot; glowing.  When is the last time we got into our quiet place and set out for heated prayer?  To stop a fire, get rid of the heat.  To stop the fire within a Christian, take away prayer.

Worship (Fuel) – Last but not least a fire must have some sort of fuel to feed the fire.  What happens when you pour gas on a fire?  You better step back because it is going to explode!  What happens in a service when God starts to move all over the congregation?  It is like pouring gas on a fire!  When is the last time we’ve seen this?

My prayer tonight is that I will be consumed like a fire.  Consumed by your grace, mercy, burden, action.  Just like any fire it spreads.  In turn, me being consumed, will spread.  It will spread as grace, mercy, love, action!

Be careful, sparks like to dance away from their flaming hosts.  The Holy Spirit LOVES to spread away from fully consumed Christians.  I add to my prayer that the Holy Spirit will spread like wildfire across this community, city, county, state, nation and world.  It has always amazed me that they could trace back to a single point of origin for fires.  We can trace back any moving of God’s people to a single origin.

I pray to God that it would go something like this: God -> Jesus -> Holy Spirit -> Me -> You

Lord use me!

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