Genesis 12-15

God chose Abram to keep a line of true worship strong until the coming of Christ.  Abram was tried to see if he would give up all for God.  There was a strong draw back to his prior life and his family.  God is calling us today to follow Jesus.  There will be things that we give up, people we leave behind but there will always be that draw back to the past.

When God took him away from his people he left him with a great promise.  I will make thee a great nation.  Abram trusted God in this promise and left everything and depended on God for his future.  If we are truly led of God we can depend on Him for all our needs to accomplish His will.

Even under Abram’s camp we see that times got tough and his faith faltered.  Abram was truly blessed with riches, but simply put sometimes with more money you get more problems.  Riches can be a burden.  The worry of keeping them, getting more, losing them, etc.  But God does bless good men with riches sometimes.

Unfortunately one of the biggest leaders to problems is also money.  Whether it be between spouses, family, friends or co-workers.  We see the problems arise between Lot and Abram’s camps.  Abram kept his cool and worked things out between the two.  Abram offered Lot the choice of land and Lot jumped at the opportunity.  Lot chose His land based on his fleshly lusts.  He let his desires get in the way of God’s will.  I know we never let that happen in our lives, right?

Lot chose Sodom and God renewed His promise to Abram as he moved on to Hebron.  Next we see Lot settled in Sodom with the prosperous but wicked.  Then they are all overtaken by others.  We see Abram help out Lot to free him.

Tomorrow’s reading: Genesis 16-18

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