Be Like You

While I was driving to Charlotte Monday morning I was having a hard time finding anything to listen to on the radio.  I usually like the quiet, but it was a long drive early in the morning and those two don’t mix well for me.  I listened to a great sermon and flipped it over to see what was on talk radio.  I could barely get one channel and nothing else worth listening to.  I just flipped it off and drove on.

Around 10 minutes later I tried again to find something to listen to.  I found a Christian station doing a devotion and listened for a few minutes.  The station started playing some music but it too kept going in and out.  I could make out the chorus and it stuck with me.

“I want to be just like You because he wants to be like me”

I turned the radio off and let that line sink in.  It hit home because of our three boys.  When growing up we look up to our fathers so much.  What or who are our fathers looking to lead them?  I cannot do it on my own.  I will lead my kids astray.  I have to set my sight on Christ to lead me.  I am made of flesh and have a sin nature.  If I rely on my leading alone I will lead them down the wrong path.  Follow me kids while I follow Christ.  Learn from my relationship with Christ on how your relationship can be.

Whether you like it or not they will follow us.  They will mimic our actions, pick up our sayings, duplicate our reactions and mirror our mannerisms.  I pray that our boys will learn the proper way to treat women from my relationship with Casey.  I pray they will learn how to deal with people by the way I interact with everyone.  I also pray that their relationship with God will become stronger by watching my relationship with my heavenly father.  I pray that nothing I say or do will come between them and Christ!

Lord, help us all guard our testimony and witness that we have for those who are watching.  “I want to be like You because he wants to be like me”

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