Genesis 19-21

The first part of chapter 19 is pretty bad.  It shows the desolation of man of that time in Sodom.  No one in the entire city was as righteous as Lot.  God had mercy on Lot and his family and wanted to deliver them out of Sodom before His wrath was poured out.  Just as when we find ourselves in a sin filled state and realize we need to change Lot hesitated.

After Lot’s escape with his two daughters we see him let his guard down.  By his drunkenness he allows sin into the family.  The whole family is at fault, but we can never let our guard down.

Then we see the Lord’s promise of a son being brought forth.  Isaac is born and Ishmael, Abraham’s first son by Hagar, begins to mock him.  Isaac gets a peace with God to cast Hagar and Isaac out so that Isaac and Abraham’s seed would not be corrupt.

It seems like I have read in the past that the Jewish nation came from Abraham through Isaac’s seed and most Arab Muslims can be traced back to Ishmael’s seed.  Further studying is needed on this….

Tomorrow’s Reading:  22-24

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