Genesis 22-24

God was still sending trials to Abraham.  His faith was being tried.  Abraham had seen God’s perfect plan and promise through to fruition.  He had no reason to doubt what God had in store for him and his seed.  God commands Abraham to offer his only son Isaac as a burnt offering 3 days from now.  God gives Abraham specific instructions on what to do and when to do it.  God is a God of order!  Abraham did not argue or try to misunderstand God.  He knew what He wanted.

That had to be the longest three day journey ever.  Abraham knows that God had already promised that of his seed the whole nation would be populated.  If Isaac, his son who God promised, would die how would his seed populate the nations?  Abraham had his eyes open for the animal that God would deliver to replace his son as the burnt sacrifice.  He told his workers that they would return.  What faith!

God did deliver another sacrifice for Abraham to offer up, a ram in the thicket.  One would be sent as a perfect sacrifice not far from this place.  They renamed the mount Jehovahjira, the Lord will provide.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 25-26

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