No Middle Child

He’s been our wild card from the beginning.

You just never know what he might do or say.  He’s funny, really funny. He may look more like me, but he definitely has his dad’s personality.

He’s a smart, handsome, all around fun loving guy. He doesn’t really worry about too much and I love that about him.

He is always ready with a kind word or an affectionate touch, he has compassion that not everyone has.

God does not see him as the “middle child”  as others may.  I believe that He has big plans for him.

Happy birthday to our second born!  May you always love life the way that you do right now, and may you let God use you for his glory.  We Love You!

4 thoughts on “No Middle Child

  1. Oh, I remember having so much fun in that creek! I hope they have as much fun growing up with it as we did!.

    • Yes, I also remember spending many days playing together at the creek. The boys love it there, especially B2 we can’t keep him away.

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