Genesis 27-29

Rebekah knew that the blessing was meant for Jacob and knew he would have it.  But, she wronged Isaac and Jacob by cheating and deceiving them.  She also brought the hatred and a stumbling block before Esau.  Jacob, at first hesitant, fooled his father to gain the blessings of his father.

Esau’s reaction is much like those who look to God in a lackadaisical way today.  They take for granted that God will bless them throughout eternity.  They wait until it is to late to get saved and find themselves in hell by their lack of receiving the gift of Christ.  Esau took his blessing from his father for granted until he realized it had been given away to his brother.

Esau sought to redeem himself with his parents through his marriage.  Esau took one of Ishmael’s daugthers as a wife.  Jacob being in extreme fear finally submits to the Lord for a perfect peace that will allow him to sleep.  Jacob dreams of a ladder that reaches to Heaven with God at the end.  We can read into this dream that Christ is the ladder.  The ladder acts as the way to get to God in Heaven.  The ladder allows us direct access to God.

Tomorrow’s Reading:  Genesis 30-31

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