Injuries and Falls

This was a busy weekend indeed.  A small glimpse of warm weather for two consecutive days meant time outside of the boys.  And time outside meant injuries.  Yesterday B2 was equipped with rope and a dream to climb a tree.  However he didn’t have his tree climbing shoes on.  A few weeks ago he got stuck in a tree with cowboy boats on.  He slid down the tree yesterday and got what looked like a branch stuck in his finger.  We are pretty sure that part of the branch is still in it.  We are going to check on it in the morning and see if further action is needed.  It is pretty swollen and he can’t move it.  B1 asked if we took B2 to the doctor would he have to give blood?

Today was B1’s day for injury.  I was working on finishing up my message for Wednesday when Cooper came running in saying B1 fell.  I went outside to find B1 laying face down on the ground underneath the zipline.  After I picked him up and got him calmed down I made out that he fell from the platform of the zipline.  When we got him inside he asked me how tall the ceiling is.  I told him 8′ and that was the new height that he had fallen from.  Daddy, I can’t believe I fell 8′.  I hit the ground twice, I bounced!

With the weather comes the outdoor injuries.  I pray we can keep them to a minimum and nothing major!

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