Genesis 32-34

Jacob was assured by angels of his Godly protection.  He sent word to Esau that he did not seek his birthright.  He was frightened by the news of Esau and his army of men.  Jacob’s fear took him directly to prayer to God.  Not prayer to the angels that had been around him watching over him lately.  We should heed this example.  When we face fear how do we respond?  Let’s be honest.  Fear brings worrying and worrying brings fear.  It is a vicious cycle.  Like Jacob, when we are faced with fear we should seek prayer.

Have you ever physically wrestled with an angel or God?  No, me either.  I have verbally wrestled with God though.  Met his every urging with a quick excuse.  We see Jacob physically wrestle with an angel through the night.  Jacob was going to wrestle with him until he blessed him.

Tomorrow’s Reading: Genesis 35-37

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