Mind Dump Monday

– There’s not too much going on with the house this week.  The roof has been finished and the plumbing roughed in.  The electrical is set for this week, otherwise the current hold up is the heat and air.

– Yet another cold is making it’s way through the B’s and this time I was lucky enough to get it too.

– David is preaching Wednesday night, please keep him in your prayers even now as he prepares.

– I have lots of deep thoughts bouncing around in my head, I just haven’t had the time to set down and process them lately.

– We’re done with birthdays for about 4 months.  I just realized the other day that the B’s birthdays come around in birth order.  B1 – Feb., B2 – March, B3 – July, and B4 – Aug.

– Oh, how blessed we’ve been with the weather the last few days.  Today I was able to sit outside while watching the kids and reading without a coat.

– B2’s finger did require an appointment, you know one of those “just in case” ones.  He was prescribed an antibiotic for the infection.  He was also prescribed another cream that we’ve substituted with “triple antibiotic ointment” after finding out the prescribed cream was $150.00 with insurance.  If it’s not better Wednesday we’ll have to return for a more thorough look.

– B4’s learned how to stick her tounge out so far that it reaches to her chin, it’s pretty funny.

– It’s been fun to see the developing relationship between B3 and B4 now that she’s somewhat mobile.

– The castle cake from Saturday’s post is gone.

– B1 is much better from his fall yesterday, he took today off from the zip line but decided widdling wood might be a nice new hobby.  Yes, I realized it before he cut a finger off.

– We have an exciting field trip planned for Friday if we can get everyone well before then, more details later.

– David and I have been spending some time in Kenya the past several days.  Compassion International sponsored a mission trip for some popular bloggers.  It’s been eye opening to me, which was the whole point.  Here are just a few links to some of the people blogging about it if you have time to take a look.  Warning – Your heart may be challenged about worldwide missions.  We are THAT Family , Mckmama , Brad Ruggles

Have a great week!

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