Genesis 35-37

God commands Jacob to go to Beth-el.  Beth-el had been forgotten.  Promises made to God need to be kept.  Jacob had to go to his family and tell them to put away their strange gods.  On the outside we see a family seeking the face of God and on the inside we see all sorts of false gods.  Jacob as the head of the family had the responsibility to keep away false doctrine and false gods.  Even today we see the heads of families letting lies and false gods be the center point of families.

Reuben thought his sin was done in silence and no one would find out.

Then we see Joseph’s dreams of God during his times of troubles.  His promise of prospering in the land and among the people.  Joseph shared his dream with his brothers who had already hated the preference that their father showed toward him.

Feeling to guilty upon death they conspire together to sell him into slavery and tell their father he had died.  One sin has to be masked by other sins.  The sin of selling him has to be covered by the sin of telling their father he had been killed.

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