My Spring List

The weather has my mind set on spring.  Here’s a few things I love about spring.

1. Flowers (mom and I saw some blooming buttercups this morning while we were walking)

2. Farmer’s Markets (what’s more exciting than buying local food from local farmers, besides it just tastes better)

3. Longer days (we can actually get outside after supper to play or take a walk)

4. Being able to leave the house without having to remember to grab 6 coats and/or hats

5. The color green (everything lives again)

6.  Knowing that summer is right around the corner (as much as I’m ready to see spring, I’m overjoyed to see summer)

7.  Bright colored clothing

8.  Shoes without socks

9.  A beautiful background for photos

10. Lots and lots of sun

So here’s my spring list, now lets hear some things that you look forward to in the spring.

3 thoughts on “My Spring List

  1. Good bye bare trees, brown leaves, black snow, brrrrr weather, and cabin fever.
    Hello dogwood blooms, April showers, green sprouts, buttercups, Easter, shirt sleeves,
    and hope.

  2. shoes without socks! YES!
    fun skirts and sun dresses
    no making sure we have coats and blankets to keep the kiddies warm!
    Not so many germs floating around the house!
    playing outside
    Baseball games!
    the “winter blues” will leave us!

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