Why The Food Network Should Not Air After 7pm

Looks yummy right?

Last night Mom, David, and I made the mistake of turning the t.v. over to the Food Network after we got home from church.  What would Bobby Flay be cooking at nearly 10:00 at night but something with bacon, cheese, and bread.  Really!  We drooled and salivated for our oatmeal and hard boiled egg supper was way gone by 10:00.  David and I both then proceeded to scour the kitchen for something, anything, but nothing could possibly satisify after Mr. Flay’s “throwdown”.

Luckily today happened to be grocery day and still on my mind was the salty cheesy concoction from last night.  Did I look up the recipe?  Not necesary, I knew exactly what was in the Kentucky Hot Brown it was as though it had been etched in my brain.

But for those of you who are drooling, as we speak, over this yummy dish here’s the link to Bobby Flay’s Kentucky Hot Brown.  I followed it kinda loosely leaving out what I didn’t like or have and adding what I did, it was great.

Now pardon me while I watch a cake challenge or something.  Oh Food Network, why?

6 thoughts on “Why The Food Network Should Not Air After 7pm

  1. We did the SAME thing! David ended up with turkey, egg and cheese grilled sandwiches. Still not the same as that lovely looking hot brown! I get that way when I watch DDD too!

  2. oh, I’m not a stalker, I can’t get the RSS feed to work for comments so I keep checking back to see if comments were left. 😉 🙂

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