Our hybrid vehicles

Casey and I were talking about our mini van tonight while out on our date.  Exciting conversation I know.  We picked the van up the day B2 was born, seven years ago.  Casey was pretty anti-van for a long time until we got it.  I don’t think we would get anything other than a van now.  It made me think of all the “love & tender care” we have given the van over the years.

  • When we first bought it there apparently was a plastic guard piece that had been removed under the front.  Whenever we drove through a rough rain or a strong car wash 🙂  the fan belt would come off track.  That would lead to loss of power steering and the shutdown of the van.  I remember this happening twice before it was fixed.
  • We had a single car garage two houses ago.  Someone got to close to the garage door on the driver’s side and ripped the side mirror off the van.  Replacement bought on eBay for $25.  It shakes a little and says it is heated???
  • There is a ghost in the passenger side window.  A few years ago the window on the passenger side gave up and stopped opening.  A few months ago it started working again.  Now it is broke.

I will stop there.  I’m sure Casey could add to the list.  Don’t get me wrong though.  This van runs like a beauty!  It is amazing how God can keep a vehicle running.  I joked with Casey a few years ago that we owned hybrids because they ran on gas and prayer.  That brings me to my beloved Jeep that I sold two years ago.  Here were some of the “unique” features it had at the time of sale.

  • The key hole on the driver door was upside down.  You had to insert the key about a millimeter, turn the opening, then insert the key all the way and unlock.  That was some security system!
  • The back windows rolled down great, they just wouldn’t roll back up.  I think we got to the point where we unhooked them.
  • When you turned the back windshield wiper on it would point straight up and stop.
  • A few years back my dad took off the catalytic converter because it sounded like it had a brick stuck in it.  I had to turn it off at drive-thrus because it was so loud.  I forgot we took it off and I went to get it inspected the next year. I think it took the guys 30 minutes looking for the catalytic converter before they told me it didn’t pass.
  • The seat belt on the drivers side would only stick if you slammed it in the holder just right.

Man, I loved that Jeep, haha.  I can remember one morning Casey coming back in the house saying she couldn’t drive it because she couldn’t get in it or get the seat belt to stick.

It reminds me of a bumper sticker I see often, “Don’t laugh it’s paid for”

What are some of the “personalities” your vehicles have?

2 thoughts on “Our hybrid vehicles

  1. David, this is too funny. I’ve been working on a piece of prose this week, “My Auto-Biography.” The daughter of a used car salesman, I’ve driven many vehicles with character. I think my fondest memory is when I was 18 and Daddy came home to tell me, “I’ve bought you a little sports car.” Wow, was I excited. We drove to his body shop and there it sat, on blocks with no wheels. It was rusty and didn’t have a top. I spent the summer in the garage with him, painting and priming. When we finished it was a cute little red car that I never trusted to drive further than Graham.
    Thanks for the inspiration to finish this piece:)

  2. Your daddy has a great story about his first car. He always had at least three passengers wherever he went, enough people to push. His prized automobile didn’t have a reverse.

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