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With the addition to the house well on its way my mind’s been a flurry with what we should do to create the ideal room arrangements for all of the blessings.  The addition will house my parents which will put David and I into the old master bedroom upstairs which is the same size as the current “kids room” upstairs which currently houses all of the boys.  B4’s crib is in our bedroom right now which is the main level bedroom.  To summarize we have 2 larger than average bedrooms upstairs and one average size bedroom on the main level in addition to my parents new master suite.

So far I’ve come up with the following options.

1. B1 and B2 move to the main level bedroom (which also has it’s own bath), B3 and B4 share the second large bedroom upstairs right across from our bedroom.  This room will also house almost all of the toys since it has an attached “study”, large closet, whatever you want to call it.  The boys will probably get a desk in their room for their art supplies but again, most of the toys will be in the “little kid” room.  The only potential problem here I see is that B4 still wakes at night now and this might interrupt B3 sleeping at night until she begins sleeping through the night.

2. B1 and B2 will again move to the main level bedroom.  B3 will sleep alone in the big bedroom upstairs for now and B4 will have her own nursery in our attached “study” large closet thing in our bedroom.  When B4 begins to sleep through the night she could then move into the bedroom with B3.  The only problem here is that B3 has gotten accustomed to sleeping in a room with the two older boys and I’m not sure that he’s going to be happy in a bedroom all alone.

3.  The last option is we leave all three of the boys in the big room together. We use the smaller bedroom on the main level for toys storage/study area.  We use our attached room for the nursery and then reevaluate after B4 is big enough to need her own room.  The biggest problem is is just the having to rearrange things again at some point.

Whew!  Well these are my ideas, although, I would love to hear yours if you’ve got any other arrangements that I’m missing.  If not just please weigh in on these options and let me know what you think would be the best because I just can’t figure it out.

2 thoughts on “Weigh In

  1. What are B1’s and B2’s thoughts on the moves?
    If you try something and it doesn’t work , you can always try something different.
    Change makes life interesting!

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