Date Night Friday

This past Friday night Casey and I got to go out for a much needed date night.  Nothing special, just some great time spent together talking over things.  We did some of the usual; food, window shopping ending up at the book store.

We went to a new place for us this time, Grijoles, a small Italian place.  I got the Chicken Diablo and it was rightfully named!  They had some of the best bread I have eaten in a while.  After eating we went to Best Buy to look at some electronics, exciting huh?  Followed by Peaches & Cream and Ulta.

Then we headed over to Barnes & Noble to look at some books and dessert.  I needed a new moleskine notebook, but did not want to spend $17 on a new one.  We did get some good coffee and a big cupcake from the Starbucks inside the bookstore.  We played around with some of the random items that the bookstore stocks.  Black and White hands used as bookends, a notebook with an extremely long string on it and some very random book names.

We truly had a great time and I love spending time with my best friend.  The boys got the croup this weekend.  God knew we needed the time together to prepare us for maniacal coughing and middle of the night crying fits.

Thanks for date night grandma, grandpa, Uncle Rico, Pertz and Church haha!

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