Exodus 1-3

Almost 200 years have passed and the Hebrews increased slowly but surely.  Around 70 people went into Egypt.  They were under bondage there, but became a large nation.  Egypt became their house of bondage.  The people began to grow and Egypt saw this as a threat against their way of life and possibly their land.

Pharaoh went to extremes and ordered all Hebrew male children to be drowned.  In this way it was to destroy Israel, the church and God’s people.  When Pharaoh brings his worst God is preparing His response.  God sends Moses as a deliverer.

Pharaoh sets out to destroy Israel yet his daughter nurtures it’s deliverer.  Moses is raised as royalty in Pharaoh’s kingdom, but he knows that he is a Hebrew.  He feels their pain and stands up for them.  After he kills an Egyptian he flees to Midian.

When God comes to Moses in the form of a burning bush He finds Moses working.  God called Moses for a gracious job and Moses was ready.  God sends Moses to deliver Israel out of Egyptian bondage.

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