A Limerick For You

Here’s a secret about me that you may not know.  I love things that rhyme!  My kids can attest to this, I often walk around the house singing my original rhymes.  Sometimes when I get stuck they chime in with just the word I need, B2 is especially good at this.  David and I often have rhyming sessions, is that strange?  Anyway in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow here a little limerick created for your reading pleasure.

There are four children who live in this home,

All day long they eat, sleep, and roam.

They can drive me quite batty,

Sometimes they look ratty,

“Oh, dear please stop running with that comb!”

Yes, we have been studying limericks in school, how did you guess?  And just for the record I did not say that I was exceptionally good I just said that I enjoyed a good rhyme.  But, don’t tell my kids because they think I have super rhyming powers.  So today put on your thinking caps and let’s hear your own limericks!

One thought on “A Limerick For You

  1. I wondered why you stopped and listened Saturday night when I started reciting a poem I had written. Here it is inspired by our little girl. Sorry, it’s not a limerick.
    Not another brother.
    Can we get a black cat?
    Maybe three. All for me.
    I doubt that. Not a cat.
    Not another brother.
    Can we get a big horse?
    It’ll be cool to ride to school.
    Of course, we’re not getting a horse.
    Not another brother.
    How ‘bout a kangaroo?
    With a sack we can pack.
    So sorry, Buccaroos.
    There’ll be no kangaroo.
    Maybe a hungry goat?
    It’ll eat trash. Mow the grass.
    Please take note. Not a goat.
    Here’s a little twister.
    What about a sister?
    Dresses, makeup messes,
    Girly squeals, and high heels?
    Yucky Yucky, Yucky!
    But, she won’t like playing sports,
    Or building toy forts.
    All right, Okay. We say,
    We’ll take a twirl with a girl.

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