Exodus 7-9

Moses and Aaron are reassured by the glorifying of God.  Israel is reassured by the kept promises and Egypt by the wrath of the judgment.  We are a hard people to persuade.  We believe what we want to believe.  God’s word has divine proof all around us.  We see people here come along and try to recreate the miracles of Moses.  To a certain extent thy succeed and get the following of the people.

The first of the ten plagues is placed upon Egypt.  The waters of the Nile were turned to blood.  This is more than just a river’s water turning red.  The Egyptians were totally dependent on the Nile.  They worshiped it as a god.  The blood of the Hebrew children that they slew in the river had come back to their remembrance.

The second plague, the frogs, is sent.  Then lice, flies, loss of cattle, boils and blains, and hail.

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