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We’ve been blessed with our children’s health so far they have had very few sick visits to the doctor and, again, no ER visits to date.  I would have to attribute some of this to the fact that we aren’t big proponents of doctor visits unless absolutely necessary.  It’s not like we run to the doctor for a splinter or anything…except we did, but we’ll talk about that later.  Anyway, what we are big proponents of are home remedies.

You got an earache?  Try putting some peroxide in it or apple cider vinegar.

Got a splinter?  Put in membrane of an egg shell on it.  Soak it in apple cider vinegar.  And of course peroxide.

Allergies?  Try a tablespoon of local honey everyday.

Croupy cough?  Turn the shower on hot and stand in the bathroom or stand outside in the cold air.

Sinus problems or bad cold?  Try saline solution up your nose.

Yucky feeling stomach?  How about some baking soda.

Ammonia for bee stings and bug bites and there are many many more.

So let’s hear your home remedies.


As I mentioned last week we did have to suck it up and take B2 to the doctor for his finger after days of continued swelling and infection.  He finished his antibiotic this weekend and his finger appeared to be better for a couple of days.  Then we noticed that it still just wasn’t right.  There remained a hard knot and a very sore place where the splinter had gone in.  After further squeezing and digging investigation I came to the conclusion that not only was it still infected there was definitely something still in it.  So yesterday after much moaning and groaning by B2 I managed to get another 1/2 inch piece of wood out.  Still there was more there and I was almost convinced that another doctors appointment was going to be necessary since he still couldn’t move it very well.  Tonight, however, David (annoyed with the thought of another $25.00 copay) done the deed.  He simply took B2’s finger and squeezed as hard as he could.  Can I just say, ugh, it was gross.  Out shot lots more infection that covered another inch and 1/2 of splinters.  And that was it.  The pain was gone, the knot was gone, and B2 could bend his finger once again.  Who ever knew that a splinter could be such a pain (on many levels).

2 thoughts on “Home Remedy 101

  1. I think we have a couple of books on home remedies. I’ll let you borrow them.
    My mother was the queen of home remedies. When I was younger if I ran a high fever she would put onions in my socks and I actually remember once my fever started to cook the onions. Ugh!

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