Friday Night Update

The electrician stopped by this afternoon and started working on the house.  He should finish up tomorrow. Yeah!

What a beautiful day!  Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, enjoy.

The Internet decided to shut down on us last night.  Luckily, I got it back up and running tonight.

The boys said this was the best week ever at school!  They have a pretty great teacher.

B4 is scooting pretty fast, holding on to things and standing up.  She will be running around the house soon.

I wish people got as excited about serving God as they did about the NCAA tournament.

We have been reading about the Passover in the Bible Challenge.  Someone asked me yesterday why I didn’t observe Passover like Jewish people.

My mom and dad both are on Facebook.  I just find that funny, sorry.

Keep my dad’s side of the family in your prayers.  We are waiting to hear about test results for some family members.

Only 92 days until our beach trip, not that we are counting or anything.

I had a great meeting with our pastor this week.  I’ve got some more dates on the calendar that I’ll be preaching!

I gave B1 and B2 a test last weekend in their science lessons.  I left them with two batteries, a roll of wire, two lights and a buzzer.  I told them to hook it all up.  It didn’t take long.

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