Blessings With the Blessings

This week has been a great week.  We’ve had our share of sickness and doctor’s appointments but even with all of that this week was a blessing and something that was much needed for me, and everyone else I’m sure.  I had at least one delightful moment with each of our blessings this week.  In some cases it was in the form of a conversation, sometimes just a funny experience, or some special cuddle time.

B1 has just been wonderfully goofy all week and has kept me laughing (he loves to make people laugh).    I’ve heard his contagiously funny laugh mulitple times this week.  He honed in on his measuring skills today while helping put up the insulation, he was thrilled to be able to help.  B2 has been working hard in school and even decided tonight that he might want to be a snake charmer when he grows up.  I would love to jump into his brain for a while.  I saw B3 get concerned when I told him that we were going to pick up fish for supper the other night since we had just seen the fish at Pet Smart a few days before.  He happily ate lots of shrimp when he realized we would not be eating the cute goldfish from the pet store.  B4 has been feeling icky with the lastest cold so we’ve done lots of snuggling this week.  She also slept through the night in her bed for the first time.

I made a point to mix up school at little this week.  We made time for some games, we put up the workbooks a few times, and had some school time outside.  We found this really great site for multiplication games, the kids could play against each other and it was so much more fun than flashcards.  Of course with St. Patrick’s Day this week we started the day off with rainbow colored pancakes, how could you not have a good day?

I thank God for weeks like this.  I pray that it continues but even if it doesn’t I will put this week back in my mind to remember when times get tough.

* Please keep B4 in your prayers, she like the other blessings, has had quite a time fighting off this last cold.*

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