Exodus 16-18

The Israelites came into the wilderness of sin and began murmuring against their current conditions and God.  It had only been two months and the supplies have been used.  They look back to their lives in Egypt and wish that they had died in the plagues or never been delivered at all.

God hears all our doubts, our murmurings and dissent.  We should consider this and get in our minds that we will be a grateful people even before we are placed in these conditions.  God sends the supply in the form of quails and manna from above for forty years until they reach Canaan.  The bread was only good for a day except for on the Sabbath.  This made them be dependent and have faith that God would deliver the next day.

They reached an area that was dry and what did they do, they murmured….again.  God had brought them through so much, but they still questioned if God was with them.  We see ourselves do this all the time.  No matter what God has brought us through in the past we still question if He will be there in the future.  When we face a wall, we worry, then we try to scale the wall or run around it leaving God behind us.  When we fail to scale the wall we look around for God.  Where is He?  Right where we left Him.

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