Sleeping like a pro

When we moved into our last house we bought B1 and B2 a new set of wooden bunk beds.  We didn’t think much about the mattresses and just bought what came with the beds.  The mattresses were foam based and had no springs.  Needless to say, four years later and they have seen better days.  They had big dips in the middle of them.

B1 woke up early one morning this week and snuck in bed with mawmaw because his ear was hurting.  I’m not sure what kind of mattress they have, but I think it is one of those select comfort air beds or something like that.  The next morning I asked him how he slept and his response was typical B1, “I slept like a pro!”  B1 has a scale of how he slept based on drool.  A lot of drool and he slept like a pro.

Casey and her mom were furniture shopping this weekend and came across a deal on bunk bed mattresses.  So we bought two new mattresses for the boys which were spring based.  The boys slept on them last night and they were sleeping like pros in no time.  B1 gave it a thumbs up and said he drooled last night, haha!

Here is one of the first photo shoots with B2 a month or two after he was born.  He is still this hard to get up most times.

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