It is late, you are tired and it has been a long day.  You have one thing on your mind, bed.  You have earned the right to go sleep in the comfort of your room and turn off everything and everyone.  Oh, it is only 5:00pm…

Simple thought tonight.  Are you giving your best to God and Family?

This is more a note to self than anything.  I hope you ask yourself these same questions and it challenges your heart.

Do you fall asleep during your prayer time?  Do you say the same prayer every night?  Do you thank God for the good….. and bad?

Do you listen to your kids when they are telling you the most important thing in their lives at that moment?  Are you present in mind and body when you are home or just present in body?  Is family time valuable time?

One question that hit me hard from our pastor Sunday night.  If you stepped out into eternity tonight have you given your kids enough?  That wasn’t the question word for word, but the gist.  I’m not talking about monetarily enough, not about leaving them enough money.  Have you given them enough knowledge of Christ?  Have you shown them enough of you in prayer?  Have you shown them enough of your faith in Christ?  Have you given them enough so that they can show their kids…

I fear this everyday.  This is a fear that is ever present with me.  Am I giving them what they will need for their future?  I can teach them how to through a curve ball…..a very poor one.  Is that curve ball going to help them when times get tough, when they feel alone, when they feel like no one understands them?  I can teach them how to strengthen their relationship with God.  Is time better spent here?  Will this relationship get them through tough times?  Will this relationship enable them to help others?

Just a few questions that go through my head at any one given time.  Hopefully you try to challenge yourself with your own set of questions.

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