Channeling My Inner Dugger – My Thoughts On Big Families

Let me preface this by saying that I just love the Dugger family.  Yes, that’s odd since I don’t really know the Dugger family but man would I love to have them as a neighbor or something.   Or maybe it’s just that I love big families.  I think I love the idea of big families and how they work.

We don’t have what I would consider a big family.  Larger than average maybe, but not big.  But, I have noticed even with our moderately large family that things have to work differently when you have more kids.  And by have to, I mean if you don’t do things differently you could very well drive yourselves crazy trying to keep up.

Big Brothers, Big Sisters

I know that people have mixed feeling on this one.  Some feel that older children should not have to take responsibility for their younger siblings.  I don’t feel this way.  Personally I feel that responsibility is a good thing.  The buddy system works well, we utilize this even in our family.  When we go out B1 and B2 push the strollers of and help out with their respective buddies.  Also when I am summoned with a “put mine pants on”  and can’t stop feeding the baby to help out, someone is always there to help.  B1 and B2 are huge helps to me and they do most things without complaint.


Have you ever heard the Duggers say anything about taking any of their kids to soccer practice?  Yeah, me neither.  Good news is they have plenty of kids for pretty much any game that you could play.  I’ll just say that to divide a family multiple nights a week to go here and there for practices, games, lessons, etc.  is not something that we want for our family.  B1 and B2 can play any sport they choose on any given day and be as happy as clams, for now that’s just fine with me.


Growing up in a family of four with my brother being eight years my elder left me plenty of one-on-one time with my parents.  My kids on the other hand pine for alone time with David and I.  As we’ve mentioned before we try to set up “date nights” on occasion with each of the B’s but this isn’t something that we can do all that often.  But, I’ve learned that this can just as easily be fulfiled by a quiet converstaion, sharing a funny joke together, giving your full attention to a story they have to tell, or one simple task shared on your average day.  I’ve also learned that if you don’t willingly give this time to them they will occasionally act out in the attempt to get some kind of attention from you.

While my infatuation with the Dugger family isn’t likely to make me want to have 20 kids, I’ll still say that I love the idea of big families.  Sure, they have to do some things differently but just because it’s different doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong way to do things.  In the end my normal is not your normal and the Dugger’s normal isn’t my normal.  But I like my normal just fine and I’m sure they feel the same way.

Now I’m leaving to try and eat some chocolate before my loves wake up because of the thunder. 🙂

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  1. I enjoy watching the Duggars although I can only catch them on re-runs right now – the DVR is monopolized when it airs at its regular scheduled time. 🙂 CJ helps me do tons of things for Derek already and I view it as teaching him tasks and responsibility 🙂

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