Christ Arose

Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday whatever you call it the fact is that Christ arose!  If He were still dead today our faith would be no different than those who place their hope in Buddha or  Mohamed.  But He did ascend into Heaven to sit on the right hand of the father and conquered death, hell and the grave.

Many people today stop at Good Friday and the crucifixion of Christ.  Even at that they don’t understand the true meaning behind Good Friday.  But thanks God it didn’t end at the cross.  The sins of the whole word were placed onto Christ, a sinless perfect man.  Those sins are yours and mine past, present and future.  Easter is not about a bunny, it is about The Lamb, the sacrificial lamb.  Our sins have been covered by the blood of Christ!

After his death on Calvary, the veil that stood between every man and the priests of the temple was torn from the top to the bottom.  This gives us access to God himself through His Son, Jesus.  We don’t have to go through any man to talk to God.  If we have accepted Christ as our personal savior we can go boldly before the throne.  God doesn’t see our sin, he sees that we have been covered in the blood of His sinless Son, Jesus!

On the third day, he arose, just like he had been telling everyone all along.  After Jesus’ crucifixion everyone in that day thought it was the end and went about their business.  Not heeding to what they had been taught all along.  They walked with Christ, the very son of God, were witness to His countless miracles and wonderful teachings, but yet they doubted and did not believe.

As I drove to church this morning I saw countless people who probably had not given Christ one thought today.  Easter was just an over commercialized holiday that meant chocolate bunnies and baskets.  I do not look down on these people because I once was there in their very position.  We are so quick to judge people who are in the same spiritual condition that we have been delivered from.  We should have love and compassion for those people that their eyes and hearts would be opened.

Praise God on the third day, just as He prophesied, He arose!  I serve a living savior!  We should celebrate His resurrection everyday.

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