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We tend to try to cram David’s vacation/holiday days with lots of activities.  It’s better that way, to keep everyone busy.  If we don’t plan our days out (at least somewhat) we find it to be after lunch before we ever get it together to get out of the house.  And honestly we all need to get out of the house on days like this because we spend a  lot of time in our house during our normal weeks and it’s so much easier to get out and about with two adults as opposed to one.  After a little discussion Sunday night about what Monday would hold for us we finally settled on sticking kinda close to home but defiantly getting out and enjoying the beautiful day.

We started our day with a nature walk.  This time instead of drawing pictures in their journals we grabbed B2’s V-tech camera and one of our old ones and let B1 and B2 take pictures of their discoveries.  We saw what I think was a prawn (a salt water shrimp), a frog, some butterflies and birds.  After a quick lunch we drove a whole 3 minutes into downtown Mebane, parked, and headed out for some urban exploration.  Again we grabbed the cameras.  Our goal was to photograph every letter in the alphabet while we were out.  We came back and put it all together.  The boys had a quick lesson in Photoshop and even cropped the photos themselves.  Here’s the final product.

Of course we walked to the library since we were so close, we rented some Veggie Tales DVDs and had a little research contest.  It was a tie, so we all celebrated with ice cream at our brand new Mebane Ice Cream.  We checked out a few unique shops downtown and I even discovered one that sells headbands and bows (yay)!  What are the chances we B1 and I would find a pink bench to park on.

We had a great time just walking around and discovering our own town, it’s something we should and will do more of.  Lastly we couldn’t walk around Mebane without stopping to admire our beautiful dogwoods this time of year.

So when is the last time you went walking around your town, and what did you discover?

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