Your History of History

How were you taught history?  Okay  maybe a better question is, do you remember how you were taught history?  Ha ha, just kidding I’m sure you all remember everything you learned about history in school.  Coming from a public school background I was taught history, ya know the public school way.  And, I have no idea what that was.  I don’t even remember learning history before the fifth grade or whenever it is that you learn about your state.  I know it’s sad.

Ironically now that’s I’m homeschooling the curriculum that we use uses history as the basis for everything.  Starting with creation.  Wait, you’re not supposed to learn creation in school that’s for church.  Hum.., and there in lies the problem.  In our homeschool we choose to teach all subjects using a Christian/Biblical worldview.  History is taught chronologically (creation to Christ, middle ages, renaissance, and so on)  all the while inserting Bible history in the right places.  This is what we feel is the best way to make sure that it’s understood that Bible and history do go together.  Their not two difference subjects.  We follow the same with science.

I was taught the Bible in church and history in school. In my mind the two never meshed.  I did read some Bible accounts in school, we read them in English class as we read every other fiction book. Of course we know that the Bible is not fiction but that is how it was presented.  I doubt it’s read at all now.  That’s a whole different post.  I’ll just say one thing and then drop it.  If you think it’s the public school (government’s) job to teach your child about the Bible, it’s not.

So I would love to know since we’re coming from some different backgrounds how you were taught history in school?  If you’re older and went to public school, was it taught differently then?  If you went to private school, how was it taught there?  If you have kids in school now, how are they being taught?

3 thoughts on “Your History of History

  1. I’m so old there wasn’t much history before my school years.
    Seriously, I can’t remember being taught history until tenth grade when I took World History and had a fantastic teacher.

  2. I started Christian school in 4th grade, and it’s no surprise to me that that’s when I remember my first history class. We learned history much the way you are teaching the boys – and I remember being in school during the BIG election of Bush v Gore in 2000, we debated daily with our teacher. I love history because of Mr. Perrigo.

    • Wow, sounds like we have some history buffs here. I’m learning a lot now that I’m teaching if that counts for anything. 🙂

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